the marketplace

31 August 2009


30 August 2009

moving out

29 August 2009

Carrot is sleeping in the tv

You can recognize the i'm-taking-a-picture-with-my-phone pose from the mirror.

28 August 2009

This house is a circus

28 August 2009

and with the 3rd film i cut my finger

...ja siis tuli meelde see kord, kui ma piparkoogivormi jalga astusin.
....and then i remembered that time when i cut my foot with gingerbread
26. august 2009

i would like to breathe

25 August 2009

have you seen this one?

*But how do you know that Savisaar is a dick?*
24 August 2009

good ol' Alo-Tv

23 August 2009

away from the city

22 August 2009


Come and visit me now.

21 August 2009

and i'm sick of melting chocolate

London Stansted airport

20 August 2009

on my way home

19 August 2009

xoxox foood

18 August 2009

a kitten

a new inhabitant- a kitten moved to my tent "attic"
17 August 2009

still here

16 August 2009

between camera and onions

15 August 2009


14 August 2009

with Boris

13 August 2009

is it poisonous?

12 August 2009


11 August 2009

a crazy cat

a random cat decided to live with us and is hanging around our tent every day and is quite annoying

10 August 2009

morning from the tent

9 August 2009


8 August 2009

fun with the neighbours

Today's post is about the negative side of drying your clothes like they do it in Portugal. Some objects could fall down for example from the 3rd floor to the 2nd. As you can see it from the picture above any non- embarrassing thing never falls down (mine are the ones most left).

7 August 2009

Segway police

6 August 2009


Any ride with a ferry still reminds me of going to the islands in Estonia.

5 August 2009


We got to know local Zavood, port-wine, Polish girls, Atlantic Ocean, Portuguese cookies, some madmans and other sights. They called it couchsurfers dinner.

4 August 2009

gnomes are in the zone

3 August 2009

Lampadario electronico

If you put 10 cent in the machine one candle will light in the church

2 August 2009


i was really getting sick of "rock stars" who drank water on the stage and didn't climb on props. thank god i happened to be at this festival.

1 August 2009

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