So, meanwhile i went to see some really huge cliffs, heard that Michael Jackson is dead and saw a red snail. Now we are on a really really tiny Irish island called Inisheer.

30 June 2009

i'm alive but my phone isn't


Even the old Irish people said that the one who throws the shopping cart in the water shall have a good life.

27 June 2009

Picnic on the ocean shore

26 June 2009


In Ireland with my mom!

25 June 2009


We were stuck THE WHOLE DAY in a town called Swansea. Lost, tired of walking, endlessly hitchhiked on the wrong turns we were picked up by guys who ehmmm..... the only comment i have is that now i know what the hitchhikers on *Fear&Loathing In Las Vegas* felt. And who names a town *Swansea* anyway? I hate highway M4!

24 June 2009


Banksy's exhibition in Bristol was extremely awesome. The waiting line was a block long and part of the exhibition was hidden among the permanent city museum exhibits.

23 June 2009


22 June 2009


Another surrealistic event celebrating the summer
solstice day
21 June 2009


20 June 2009

At Pedro's

The LKW-guy drove us to London. Tomorrow we are going hitchhiking again- now to the other side. yei

19 June 2009

Stencil art

Believe it or not but it's made with a stencil. With 2 of them to be precise. I have never seen so technically correct work in my life (in the streets).

18 June 2009


17 June 2009

On the road again

16 June 2009

half-ready collage

My whole squat room is full of The Collage and The Stencil is waiting in the corner. I couldn't print it out, so i copied it straight from Kati's computer to the paper. There is no glue, so i use purple wall paint instead. The knife consists of tape and ..... tape. The table is a tire and a piece of wood. But inspiration is everywhere.

15 June 2009

Mari would like it

14 June 2009

ease us sin bi or vidoo

In Tate Modern toilet

13 June 2009

Squat party 2

12 June 2009

Brick Lane Market

i love this place
11 June 2009

My hamster ate Freddie Starr

10 June 2009


9 June 2009

bit of London street art

8 June 2009

Squat party

When i woke up the others were still partying + watching football for a change

7 June 2009


6 June 2009

random party

5 June 2009

Turkish cornershop

4 June 2009

ceramic sprays

3 June 2009

They can do that

2 June 2009

Welcome to London!

stop&search in the middle of the street

1 June 2009

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