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31 July 2009

Paredes de Coura

My Festival experience was only the ones in Estonia - Rabarock and Viljandi Folk. Now I understand that it's the same as not seeing anything.

July 2009

84 cents each

29 July 2009

Hello Kitty

Today i saw how the whole kindergarten class came out of mcdonalds with their teachers and they all had happy meals in their hands.

July 2009


July 2009


If you have slept in the train and/or slept while waiting for the train (if there are free seats) for the whole day, it's quite a party to find a can of condensed milk from your backpack.

July 2009

disorder indeed

26 July 2009

morning in Køpi

new home for a couple of days

July 2009


Stattbad is a contemporary culture center that used to be an indoor pool. Right now here's an exhibition from the Urban Affairs festival. It's crazy. i love it. I was wandering here the whole day. And i randomly met an artist who kindly offered his installation for a place to sleep if we don't have anywhere to go. Now we can choose from 3 different accommodations and 2 days ago we had to camp in the middle of Berlin cause we couldn't find any hosts. gotta love traveling!

23 July 2009

just chillin' with hotdogman

22 July 2009

für Roboten

21 July 2009


Finally i'm here. I love this city. That's my

20 July2009


The bus ticket was to Aachen. I woke in Düsseldorf. Now i'm in Hannover.
*Mauks is an infamous dog from Tartu*
19 July 2009

dinner in phone booth

It raining and really windy. Now i know what Ceburaska felt.


a postcard to home

17 July 2009

nights at Seine

Yes, one stranger gave me 3 roses as a gift. He couldn't speak any English and he almost fell into the river.

16 July 2009

Hangovered in Paris

The leaving-London-party happened to be so long that i had to run to the 6 am bus through the rain.

15 July 2009


Tomorrow- Paris. jEEjEEjEE

14 July 2009

Back in London

I knocked on Kati's door in our squat. A total stranger opened the door. We looked each other silently thinking is the other one Estonian or not.
i said *hi* in Estonian
she answered: *Hi Sirla, I have seen you in Zavood*

(Zavood is a pub in Estonia)

13 July 2009

the house with a blue door

i would like to eat the yesterday's fried potatoes again.

12 July 2009


And for the first time in my life i saw chocolate milk gone sour in the fridge

11 July 2009

The Best Fried Potatoes In My Life

I also miss riding a bike, sleeping with sheet and blanket, drinking REAL milk. Now i can cross out fried potatoes for a while.

and i miss all the people i have ever met

10 July 2009


A night with American sweets and the movie Blow.

9 July 2009


8 July 2009

Children welcome

7 July 2009


Yesterday i found an umbrella. Today it's raining.Hey hoo.
I'm filmin' in the rain.

6 July 2009

They can do that 2

5 July 2009


i love traveling like this. the same kind of things happen to me which i used to hear only about my friends friends.

4 July 2009

belly full of jelly

If you're sick of canned beans, try canned beans with fast noodles instead!

3 July 2009


A piece of my hometown
(The same Wilde-Vilde sculpture is also in Tartu)

2 July 2009

yo, cow

The triumph of yesterdays pub hunting was a sleeping place that wasn't full of ticks, cow dung and thistles. I was really happy even when our host tried to ride home drunk with a motorcycle and insisted us to hop on with our huge backpacks.

and a random horse was waiting for us on the door

1 July 2009

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